Ancient Sunrise®

Are you a hair-care professional whose clients who are becoming allergic to chemical hair dye? Are you becoming allergic to chemical hair dye yourself? As many as 60 percent of stylists already have, or are developing allergies to the chemicals in oxidative hair dye. Many stylists are forced to give up the career they love and have labored to build when they become allergic to oxidative hair dye. Many clients are forced to give up the hair color they love when they develop hair dye allergiies. We can help you keep your career and your clients. Ancient Sunrise® products will dye hair permanently, with no fading, no color instability, and no artificial chemicals. Ancient Sunrise® products are laboratory certified to be 100% pure plant powder, with no additives, no adulterants, no contaminants, no metallic salts, and no para-phenylenediamine.

Would you like to join us?

Would you like to join the growing list of stylists who are already using Ancient Sunrise® in their salons? Every one of them has new customers because they can dye their hair without chemicals. If you are a hair-care professional or a retailer and you would like to know more about using or stocking Ancient Sunrise products for your business and our special offers for our professional clients, please contact our Customer Service team.